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Security Literature

image n/a Hacker Challenge Report (pdf)
image n/a ANI 0-day Analysis (pdf)
image n/a Firepass Security Advisory (pdf)
image n/a eDir Remote Code Exec (pdf)
image n/a ZERT & MS VML Patch (pdf)
image n/a Python To Extract Malware (pdf)
image n/a Torpig VMM/IDT Signatures (pdf)
image n/a Vmware Shellcode Injection (pdf)
image n/a Unpacking FSG (pdf)
image n/a Hacking the Packer (pdf)
image n/a Life and Times of Ddabx (pdf)
image n/a W0rd 0-day Dissassembly
image n/a Cryptography of SSH2
image n/a Upload Scripts & Toolkits
image n/a Red-Headed Browsers & WMF
image n/a Classic Trimode Exploit
image n/a ISC Malware Quiz 5 (pdf)
image n/a Access Log Analytics 2006
image n/a Assorted Incidentals 2005
image n/a Scan of the Month 34
image n/a MS JVMs ByteVerify Trojan
image n/a Awstats Linux Rootkit
image n/a Tri-Mode Browser Exploits
image n/a Namibian TIBS Infection
image n/a Bestfriends and Sdbot Rootkit
image n/a Gwee Exploits Webmail
image n/a XSS, Triple-encoded Exploit
image n/a telnet:// used in IE Exploit
image n/a Investigating CHM Exploits
image n/a Investigating Netwin Malware
image n/a Short Security Discussions
image n/a Short Proof of Concepts
image n/a Attack Signatures and Analysis
image n/a First Trojan Tracking Journey


This is the homepage of Michael Ligh. I am a reverse engineer who specializes in vulnerability research, malware cryptography, and memory forensics. I'm co-founder and CTO of Volexity, a security firm based out of the Washington, D.C. area that specializes in assisting organizations with threat intelligence, incident response, forensics, and trusted security advisory. I'm also a core developer of The Volatility Framework, instructor of Windows Malware and Memory Forensics Training, and Secretary/Treasurer of The Volatility Foundation.

In the past, I've served as a Senior Security Intelligence Engineer at iDEFENSE and Director of Malware Research at Terremark. I've also served as Chief of Special Projects at MNIN Security, where I developed password recovery utilities for Microsoft and conducted large-scale forensic investigations for clients around the world.

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